Ordered by Mike Rutherford during the 1986 Mike and the Mechanics tour.
Top - Goncalo Alves
Back - Honduras Mahogany
Neck - Quartersawn Honduras Mahogany with graphite reinforcement
Fingerboard - Ebony with maple and rosewood binding
Peghead face - Goncalo Alves
Mounting rings, truss rod cover- Ebony
Binding - Figured Maple and rosewood
Finish - Nitrocellulose lacquer
Pickups - Bill Lawrence HB 58
Bridge - Kahler Stud Mount Pro Trem with string lock
Tuners - Sperzel
Nut - Graphite
Scale - 25.5"
Frets - 24


iUnique Features - Likely the first guitar in the world to utilize what later came to be known as the compound fretboard radius approach. In this case, the radius graduates from early Fender (7.25") to standard Gibson (10"). This aspect of the construction was executed in summer of '86. I developed this previously unknown approach as a natural extension of lessons learned trying to rectify problems common to bolt on necks and the increasingly lower actions that players were requesting.

More on how and why that approach was originally developed
here in: the Secret History of the Compound Radius Fretboard.

It also incorporates an original Nelson semi-solid internal substructure design employing multiple sound chambers with integrated tone block elements. The benefit of this is to help increase both the more desirable "acoustic guitar-like" qualities like better defined attack response, increased detail clarity when playing chords, balanced low end and an increase sense of spaciousness with the sustain, power and complex voice development often looked for in a solid-body type. The trick is to blend them and bring out the best in both without compromising either. This requires more that the usual amount of care in structurally tuning the body, but the results are well worth it.

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