These are just a just a few of the thousands of customers that
Brian has had the pleasure of helping with his services over the years:

Genesis (Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford)

King Crimson (Trey Gunn, Robert Fripp)

REM (Peter Buck)

Pearl Jam (Mike McCready)

Soundgarden (Ben Shepherd)

Sweet 75 (Krist Novoselic)

L-7 (Donita Sparks)

Fastbacks (Kurt Bloch, Lulu Gargiulo)

Supersuckers (Ron Heathman, Dan Bolton)

Zeke (Sonny Riggs)

Sky Cries Mary (Gordon Raphael)

Walkabouts (Carla Torgerson, Chris Eckman)

Dogs Eye View

Young Fresh Fellows (Jim Sangster)

Gary Westlake

Seattle Guitar Circle

Bill Rieflin

Tony Geballe

Visible Targets (Pamela Golden/Rebecca Johnson)

Martin Carthy

Tannahill Weavers (Roy Gullane)

Gerald Collier

Jim Page

Steve Lalor

Terry Lee Hale

Jack Endino

Larry Mills

Steve Hackett in '79 with the first guitar crafted by Brian

Scott Lee

Todd Nathan

Mark Andersson

Sean Hudson

Dan Wuthrich

Nobody Home (Duncan McColl, Siege)

Black Crabs (Jonathan Stuart, Ravenous Records)

Juan Lopez

Bill Bainbridge

James Prouty


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