the Manta The Manta brings together elements from several of my favorite designs, both instrumental and conceptual. Take bits of SG, Strat, Rickenbacker 325 and then invert them while subjecting them to a Dali meltdown and "Voila!" The resulting shape is both ergonomic and its sweeping lines are organically complimentary against the human form. And sometimes I just like to break the rules.

This particular example uses a typically left-handed tremelo on a right handed guitar. Now who in their right mind would get those two backwards and expect it to work? Must have been in a haze. Never fear, a right-handed tremelo is also within reach. This example is a bolt on (obviously), but a neck thru option is also available. Both versions also offer you 25 accessible frets over a 24.625 (Gibson) scale length.

Different wood choices are offered for different voicing characteristics to fit your own preferences. This one happens to have an Alder body with a Honduras Mahogany neck, with an Ebony fingerboard, which makes for both a nice light weight and a seductively smooth talk tone. As usual, you can also choose from a variety of finish colors or just go natural.


Pickups: Your preference.
Tremelo: Several to select from
Tuners: Locking 4 + 2 Sperzels
Neck: Graphite reinforced w/ two-way adjustable rod
Nut: Graphite Nexnut
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone, 5-way selector w/tap options


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