FM Centauri

Standard Model Features:

Sleek, ergonomic body contour
Fast and comfortable neck profile
Choice of tremelo or non-tremelo bridge
25.5" (Fender) scale
24 "easy access" frets
10” or compound radius fingerboard
Harmonic Design, Lindy Fralin or Joe Barden pickups
Humbucking and/or Single coil pickup layout
Mother of Pearl and/or Abalone inlay
Sperzel locking tuners
G-N "Nexnut" (intonated graphite nut)
Graphite-reinforced neck
Custom wood binding
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish (Clear or colors)
Exclusive G-N Design “ARIES” style construction
Additional external “FREESLIDE” and “DREEMS” controls

Options include:

Extended pickup brand and model choices
Additional pickup control (knobs, switches) layout choices
12 or 7 string versions
25” (PRS) scale
Extended wood selection
Custom finish colors
Optional built-in RMC Piezo/Midi saddle transducer and preamp system
Traditional style nut

Beyond All Expectations

Think “FM Centauri”

---- To get the richest expression out of all your gear, you need the best front end possible and the ability to adapt it to your changing needs. The FM Centauri gives you just that!

----The FM Centauri is the first guitar model ever to offer the “Acoustic Resonance Internal Enhancement System" designed in-house by Brian Nelson. Through 20 years of careful refinement and playing in real world situations, this G-N exclusive internal design structure was fully realized. By first envisioning and then unceasingly pursuing new possibilities in putting even more depth, detail and imagery into guitar voicing, Brian pushed through old design barriers while retaining the classic vintage character that drew many discerning players to the instrument in the first place.

----Some might consider the ARIES design a “chambered body” approach, but that would be selling it short. There is so much more going on! This internal design frame combines a network of finely tuned, internal acoustic filtering subsystems working together to allow an all new depth of expression and nuance as well as an increase in player control. It will quickly enable you with new modes of expressiveness and fill your thoughts with what musical wonders you may be the first to ever experience. The FM Centauri also allows you to easily make the final choices as to what that "holy grail" tone is really all about in ways never before possible. The result is a striking similarity between the glorious sound you hear in your head and the one coming out of the amp.

----Available with a variety of options, the FM Centauri is the one that will get you there!

Go ahead, try it

When you want to go from a whisper to a roar with ease

When you want more power and definition at the same time

When you want to better stand out and blend in at the same time

When you want to hear even more expression from your technique and effects

When you want to enjoy longer sustain with smooth and even release of all notes

When you want the most responsive guitar based midi trigger source available

When you want to realize “your own” amazing signature sounds

When you want to add an impressively rich
“acoustic guitar” voice without changing instruments

When you’re ready for the most responsive guitar ever made!



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