(Leo Fender Tribute)
The LFT is an homage to the "tried 'n true" spirit and design of the visionary who helped spearhead a revolution in sound and style that lives on to this day.
The LFT is a synergy of some things old and some things new to give you an instrument with superb tone, comfort, playability and reliability. The LFT is a blend of vintage Strat and Tele design elements that also encourages you, the player, to throw your own personal unique twist into the mix. Imagine that.

Its smooth sweeping lines, and deep contour sculpting is reminiscent of the '50's Strats and helps to both make it both extremely comfortable to hold and acoustically responsive while maintaining a superb balance both in weight and tone. And the specially shaped neck mount area allows better access to all frets.
The interior has a G-N design universal pickup routing that allows a wide selection of pickup mounting patterns while retaining all important structural and tonal integrity. There is no set standard pickup or control layout preference. Single coils, humbuckers, soap bars, lipstick tubes. The choice is up to you. What you need is what you get. The routing area also comes fully shielded for the best hum reduction possible.

25.5" scale

22 frets

Nitrocellulose lacquer finish w/ several color options available

Available in tremelo or non-tremelo version.

Also available with piezo and midi-ready options.

Several options available in woods, finish and hardware.


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